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Pixiv, Inc. Office Space (2013) by teamLab

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Great minds really do think alike! You’ve seen the Superdesk designed by Clive Wilkinson Architects in New York City for digital agency The Barbarian Group. Now here we see that on the other side of the globe, teamLab has also come up with a similar concept for Pixiv Inc. with their massive single office desk. Where it begins or ends is pretty much entirely up to the viewer. 

The interior design for the office is exactly what Pixiv is all about: this place is a reflection of the creative online community for artists that Pixiv manages, and you get this sense the moment you walk through the entrance. Bright colors pop out of the common areas, and fun and interactive objects furnish the rest of the spaces in the office.

But still, the best thing about this place was the decision to do away with the traditional cubicle-style layout that we’re all familiar with. Not only has this physically opened up the whole office space, the curves and the arcs in the way the “endless” table wander about seemingly at random throughout the main work areas help foster a highly creative and inspiring environment fit for the very same people who run a dynamic and artistic digital haven for aspiring artists.        

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